Are Crooked Teeth Dangerous for my Health?

Every year in the UK, thousands of teenagers and adults undergo orthodontic treatment to correct problems such as crooked teeth, but is treatment really necessary and what are the implications of crooked teeth? Here are some of the potential problems posed by misaligned and poorly positioned teeth:

Oral hygiene

Crooked teeth make maintaining good oral hygiene more difficult because it is harder to clean the teeth when they are misaligned or overlapping. When you cannot reach every surface of the tooth, there is a risk of food debris and bacteria collecting in the mouth and this will eventually lead to plaque formation. Plaque is extremely harmful for both the teeth and gums. It forms when saliva binds bits of food and bacteria together. Plaque is the main risk factor for gum disease and decay. If you have treatment to straighten the teeth you will find it easier to keep every tooth clean and this will reduce your risk of oral health issues.

General health

Research studies conducted all over the world have suggested a strong connection between oral health and general health and many dentists, such as those at Apollonia Dental & Cosmetic Care, view the mouth as a window to the rest of the body. Studies show that poor oral health, with particular reference to gum disease, increases the risk of systemic illnesses including heart attacks and strokes. There is also evidence to suggest that people who lose their teeth prematurely are more likely to suffer from dementia. Gum disease is a preventable disease caused by harmful plaque acids released by bacteria. These acids irritate the gum tissue, causing inflammation, pain and tenderness. If you are unable to brush your teeth properly because you have crooked teeth, this can increase your risk of dental disease and therefore elevate the risk of potentially serious general health conditions.

Confidence and wellbeing

Crooked teeth may not cause physical pain but they can contribute to issues related to a lack of confidence and low self-esteem. Crooked teeth affect the aesthetic of the smile and this makes many people feel self-conscious, especially when they meet new people or when they do a presentation at school or work, for example. Low confidence can really hold you back and it may affect the decisions you make, the way you behave and how you feel around other people. Straightening the teeth improves the look of your smile and this can have a really positive effect on confidence and general wellbeing.

Digestive problems

Crooked teeth affect your ability to chew and this may contribute to issues with digestion; the teeth play a really important role in breaking food down into manageable pieces and if they cannot carry out this function properly, it may be harder for your digestive system to process food.

Tooth damage

Crooked teeth can increase strain on the neighbouring teeth, the facial muscles and the jaws and this may lead to an increased risk of tooth wear  and muscular pain.

What can be done for crooked teeth?

There is a very simple solution for crooked teeth and this involves having orthodontic treatment. Orthodontics is the field of dentistry concerned with the alignment of the teeth and the relationship between the teeth and the jaws. The most common form of treatment is a brace, which uses forces to move the teeth into the correct place and address issues related to the alignment and position of the teeth and the bite. There are lots of different orthodontic systems available today, including clear fixed braces, invisible removable appliances and braces that sit behind the teeth. 

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