Glowing Beauty: Journey to Clear Skin is with Healthy diet

Everyone wants to have a clean, shiny and flawless skin free from pimples and wrinkles. The best way to achieve this is by eating healthy and drinking plenty of water. Remember that what we take directly affects the condition of our dermis. Surely, you can’t overindulge in foods that are laden with saturated fats and expect not to develop pimples.

Male Ageing: Muscle Loss and Depression Linked?

 As men get older, their muscle mass decreases  as a result of falling levels of hormones, such as  testosterone and human growth hormone. Men hit  their peak in terms of muscle mass in their 30’s  and from the age of 40, this starts to decrease.  Decreased muscle mass is often synonymous  with increased fat mass, especially around the      waist.

Tax Credits for Childcare Costs

The government normally awards up to 70 per cent of total childcare costs incurred by the parent. For example, when a parent spends £150 every week on one child, the tax credit awarded will be £105 weekly. Income is another key factor in determining the tax credit and the families that fall in the low income bracket receive more benefits. One should report disability when seeking for tax credits for a child with disabilities since they will be awarded more benefits. When claiming for tax credits, the parent should only include the costs he/she directly incurs for the child or children's upkeep. Avoid stating childcare benefits from government schemes, vouchers from employer in exchange for deduction from wages or costs met by local authority.

Stress and Oral Health Impacts

It may not always be obvious to us how stress may affect our oral health. Each person may experience stress differently and may or may not experience some of the following impacts of stress on oral health:

Anxiety and teeth grinding

Anxiety caused by work pressures, personal trauma,